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Chavara Matrimony,Kerala Christian Matrimony site
World's No.1 Christian Matrimonial
Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara
“A True Christian Family Resembles the Heavenly Abode” St. Chavara
What people are saying about ChavaraMatrimony.com
Testimonials are statements made by our members to demonstrate satisfaction of our matrimonial service.
Jobin, Meera Says:
11 Sep 2017
Thank you Chavara Matrimony for joining us together in the ceremony of marriage..
Jobin, Meera(CKNR75750, CKNR55823 )
Telson, Anju Says:
11 Sep 2017
Hi Chavara Matrimony team, Great pleasure to announce that we became one with the help of Chavara Matrimony on June 21st 2017.Myself Anju Sebastian really thanking you the team because after the Chavara Matrimony official registration within 4 days, (Registered on February 2-2017 and met with this proposal on February 6-2017)a short span of time you made me happy by giving a soulmate.Thanking you all Chavara Matrimony team once again on the behalf of our two family too.
Telson, Anju(CIJK75560, CTCR57185 )
Mithun, Minty Says:
10 Sep 2017
Thank you for helping us unite both of them with the excellent services offered.
Mithun, Minty (CTCR76880, CBGR75284 )
Savio, Mini Says:
09 Sep 2017
We are thankful to chavaramatrimony for helping us find our soul mate. Marriage are made in heaven and chavaramatrimony became an instrument for helping our families meet each other.without chavaramatrimony,an alliance from Kottayam and Thrissur would have not been possible. Wishing the team all success for the future endeavors.
Savio, Mini(CEKM76732, Free Member )
Noble, Reen Says:
08 Sep 2017
I express my sincere gratitude to 'Chavara Matrimony.com' for getting a suitable life partner for my son.Thank you for your great service.
Noble, Reen (CEKM26254, CKGM55599 )
Jithu, Minchu Says:
26 Aug 2017
We express our heartless thanks to Chavara Matrimony for bringing us together as God decided. All the very best and success for uniting many other soulmates like us.
Jithu, Minchu (CPLA76186, CCHY76157 )
Anil, Grace Says:
19 Aug 2017
We just wanted to say a big thank you for giving us a new life. Thank You Chavara crew for your wonderful service.
Anil, Grace (CTPA75906, CEKM76726 )
Fabian, Sneha Says:
18 Aug 2017
It was truly a wonderful journey on Chavara Matrimony,searching for a suitable match which finally ended,as we found our better halves.We would like to thank the entire chavara team on behalf of our family and relatives for making this happen.We wish Chavara Matrimony all the success in uniting many other soul mates like us.
Fabian, Sneha(CWYD75301, CWYD55475 )
Jojo, Chinnu Says:
17 Aug 2017
Thanks for the excellent support, prayers for uniting us as per heavenly plan. We wish you all the success and God grace to team Chavara.
Jojo, Chinnu(CKPY75589, CPLA56441 )
Boni, Jeena Says:
12 Aug 2017
It was a great experience with Chavara Matrimony.com. Your website has been of great help. Thanks a lot and we wish you all the very best.
Boni, Jeena(CKGM75617, CTCR76572 )
Stephin, Athulya Says:
12 Aug 2017
Thanks to Chavara Matrimony for bringing our families together with our marriage. We appreciate you for your great service.
Stephin, Athulya(CEKM25969, CKTA55335 )
Sharon, Jijy Says:
05 Aug 2017
We thank team Chavarmatrimony.com for your service. Especially for the amazing website plan and customer support. I have always received the response for my queries with short time. Although God had already decided our marriage even before we came to earth, it is chavaramatrimony.com helped us to meet each other. Our thanks and prayers to each and every one in chavaramtrimony.com can never ever be described in words.
Sharon, Jijy( CIJK75579, CTCR76595 )
Dominic, Shanita Says:
04 Aug 2017
It is with great pleasure I would like to thank Chavara Matrimony for being an ultimate source to find and unite with my dear life partner. Keep up the good work and may your team continue to provide the same level of service to help unite many other soul mate like us.
Dominic, Shanita(CPKD75370, CEKM56633 )
Benny, Merin Says:
27 Jul 2017
Excellent Services offered by Chavara Matrimony.It was very much helpful in finding my life partner.
Benny, Merin(CAGY75917, CTCR56090 )
Gibin, Sherin Says:
26 Jul 2017
Thank you Chavaramatrimony for helping us find our perfect life partner. Thanks for your supreme service.
Gibin, Sherin(CKGM75354, CKTM75787 )
Ajit, Priti Says:
22 Jul 2017
We are Thankful to the Chavara Matrimony Team for Excellent Services. further Thank You for helping us to Find a Match for Our Daughter. Our Sincere Gratitude and We Extend our Good Wishes.
Ajit, Priti(CEKM75370, CIJK25088 )
Tobin, Lintamol Says:
19 Jul 2017
Thanks Chavaramatrimony for helping us to find our soulmate. Thanks a ton for your great support and service.
Tobin, Lintamol(CKPY75432, CCHY75955 )
Hebert , Linda Says:
18 Jul 2017
Our sincere thanks to chavaramatrimony for uniting us together. We wish you aII the best for your future endeavours.
Hebert , Linda(CTCR76814 , CIJK55592 )
Brinto , Liji Says:
18 Jul 2017
We express our sincere thanks to chavaramatrimony.com for bringing us together. Chavara team is providing excellent services.we wish you all the very best and success for uniting many more soulmates. Thank you once again.God Bless.
Brinto , Liji(CPLA76378 , CPKD75325 )
Cinoy , Vinitha Says:
17 Jul 2017
We convey our heartfelt thanks and love to Chavara Matrimony and above all to almighty for this auspicious unity. We are very happy about Chavara team for the support and services provided. Thank you once again and all the very best to Chavara family.
Cinoy , Vinitha(CTCR77237 , CIJK75760 )
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