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Chavara Matrimony,Kerala Christian Matrimony site
World's No.1 Christian Matrimonial
Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara
“A True Christian Family Resembles the Heavenly Abode” St. Chavara
What people are saying about ChavaraMatrimony.com
Testimonials are statements made by our members to demonstrate satisfaction of our matrimonial service.
Daviz, Teenu Says:
17 Apr 2017
Once we met in Chavara things just clicked and we found our soulmates each other. Really yours is a wonderful service. You have helped us but also many to find suitable and successful matches. We appreciate your services and express our sincere gratitude to the whole chavara team. It might take some time to find the ideal match, but the effort is worth a lifetime of happiness. Though it is beyond words, we thank you and wish you all the success in your future services
Daviz, Teenu(CCHY75282, CEKM55898 )
Nibin, Mary Says:
08 Apr 2017
I would like to thank the entire team of Chavara Matrimony for giving me the platform where I found my soulmate. Marriage is an institution of love and sharing and Chavara Matrimony has made it easier for us. Thanks once again.
Nibin, Mary(Free Member, CTCR25348 )
Sanu, Tincy Says:
06 Apr 2017
We express our sincere gratitude to chavara matrimony.com on behalf of our families for helping us to find out a soul mate made for each other. We both should have never met if we haven’t registered with chavara matrimony.com. We appreciate the website management and the customer support. Let the chavara matrimony.com be the starting point for thousands of couples in future. God bless you.
Sanu, Tincy(CALP55242, CALP75329 )
Cijo, Maria Says:
01 Apr 2017
We are really thankful to ChavaraMatrimony who helped us to meet each other and start a life together. Let Chavara Matrimony be the starting point for thousands of couples in future. Thankful for Mar Kuriakose Elias Chavara.
Cijo, Maria(CTCR76442, CTCR56678 )
Jijo, Stefy Says:
30 Mar 2017
We found each other through chavara matrimony.com. We are very happy about the services provided by chavara matrimony.com and we pray all success and blessings to chavara matrimony.com
Jijo, Stefy(CPKD55222, Free Member )
Renjith, Amala Says:
26 Mar 2017
Thanks for Chavara Matrimony for finding each other. Wishing Our sincere gratitude to Chavara Matrimony.
Renjith, Amala(CKGM55409, CTPA75617 )
Binoj, Pinky Says:
25 Mar 2017
If it wasnt for you guys at chavaramatrimony.com it would not have been possible for two different people staying in different states to unite in this Holy sacrament of Matrimony. Our sincere thanks to the Almighy St. Chavara and the team of Chavaramatrimony.com for helping us bring our families together.Thankyou so much and may God bless you all. Binoj and Pinky
Binoj, Pinky(CEKM76843, CCHY55855 )
Babil, Santhi Says:
21 Mar 2017
We sincerely thank Chavara Matrimony for helping us to find a soulmate made for each other.
Babil, Santhi(CPLA56103, Free Member )
Diljith, Blessy Says:
20 Mar 2017
We are really thankful to chavaramatrimony.com who helped us to meet each other and start a life together. Let chavaramatrimony.com be the starting point for thousands of couples in future.
Diljith, Blessy(CPLA75731, CKNR55582 )
Abhilash, Raveena Says:
19 Mar 2017
We thank Chavara Matrimony.com for bringing us together in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. We truly believe that marriages are made in heaven but God has made you a wonderful instrument in bringing this heavenly bliss upon us on the earth. We are grateful to you and your efficient team as St. Teresa of Calcutta said 'SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL FOR GOD'.
Abhilash, Raveena(CBGR55211, CTCR56163 )
Godwin, Gisha Says:
17 Mar 2017
We express our sincere gratitude to Chavara matrimony in behalf of our families for helping us to find each other. We appreciate your excellent service to discover perfect life partner in all aspects of the society. Thank you very much.
Godwin, Gisha(CTCR56220, CPTY75105 )
Nino, Simi Says:
14 Mar 2017
We from two sides of Kerala, Neyyattinkara and Ranny. We met through Chavara Matrimony and God united ours. Thanks for Chavara Matrimony.
Nino, Simi(CTVM25272, Free Member )
Ajay, Anju Says:
13 Mar 2017
Thank you Chavara Matrimony. We have met a fantastic women and man through you. We are over the moon to have met each other, which wouldn't happened if it wasn't from this site. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot for being the cause of our happiness which we share today.
Ajay, Anju(CPKD75210, CWYD55323 )
Havin, Josline Says:
09 Mar 2017
We express our sincere thanks to chavara matrimony for being instrumental in God's plan in uniting us. Thanks for your excellent service.
Havin, Josline(CPLA56333, CPLA25522 )
Jim, Della Says:
07 Mar 2017
Chavara Matrimony offers the best platform to find one's soulmate. We, Jim and Della are grateful in helping us to unite.
Jim, Della (CEKM76226, CEKM75958 )
Seejo, Deepthi Says:
04 Mar 2017
"It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." (Genesis 2:18). Some day you will find someone who make you feel like the wait was really worth it. We are thankful to Chavara Matrimony for helping us to find each other. This was indeed a God's plan.
Seejo, Deepthi(CTCR56912, CAGY55854 )
Julian, Renu Says:
02 Mar 2017
We are satisfied with your service .It was divine destiny that brought us together and Love has sealed the Bond forever.
Julian, Renu(CPLA75561, CKGM75505 )
Jestin, Deepa Says:
28 Feb 2017
We were strangers, God brought us together. We would like to give a fair amount of credit to everyone at Chavara Matrimony. Wishing you all the very success.
Jestin, Deepa(CKNR75159, CKNR75152 )
Savio, Sharon Says:
28 Feb 2017
We extend our sincere and deep gratitude to Chavara Matrimony for bringing us together.May God help you to create many more happy couples.
Savio, Sharon (CBGR55119, CALP55283 )
Joseph, Dony Says:
28 Feb 2017
We feel immensely happy and blessed to be united here through God's grace.Thanks to the whole team of Chavara matrimony for their support and love. Keep going forward Chavara Family Welfare Centre. Continue your support and prayers for helping us in carrying the ever lightened candle of love through out our life..Thank you once again.
Joseph, Dony (CIJK75187, CTCR56423 )
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