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Chavara Matrimony,Kerala Christian Matrimony site
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Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara
“A True Christian Family Resembles the Heavenly Abode” St. Chavara
Kuriakose Elias Chavara
  • When you choose your partner in life, choose one who has a good character and good manners.
  • Let your ability be in piety regulating your life and controlling your senses.
  • Let there be no day in your life in which you did no good to others.
  • Let not the insult and quarrels of others be a cause of hatred and enmity.
  • God decides your vocation and you choose it.
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Chavara Cultural centre Kochi
 About Us
Chavara Family Welfare centre
Chavara Family Welfare centre [C.F.W.C] has been functioning from 1996 under the Chavara Cultural centre, Cochin which was formed in 1971. C.F.W.C is an institute Founded and Managed by CMI Fathers. . Our Matrimonial Services are woven around ethical webs. We are totally against the concept of commission based Services and the role of middlemen when it comes to marriages. As part of our responsibility to the society, we organize seminars and counselling on family welfare. We have a well equipped matrimonial data bank to help youngsters select their life partners.
'CFWC' at its Nascent stage :
The organization that has grown to this – had a very modest beginning with the motto ‘Service to God through service to man and nature’. Every period in the history of CFWC, especially its nascent stage, has posed particular challenges and obstacles in carrying out its objectives. The management responded to these multi-faceted issues with courage and confidence, banking on the little resources it had at its disposal. The management gathered to look at the problems and issues from several functional viewpoints and to involve all functions in resolving them. While some pooled in their limited resources to develop strategies to help make the organization successful, others applied their managerial abilities to translate the strategies into clear objectives and tactics and decisions in the face of uncertainty. CFWC started in a very small way and was in the doldrums for several years which demanded hard work and perseverance in the early years.
CFWC realized that to succeed in the long run, they had to deal responsibly with employees, clients and the general public by continually adjusting their strategies, service offerings, service demands and operating procedures so as to offer services that provide high living standards and sophisticated life styles to its clients. The management focused its efforts to improve quality on measures that produced tangible customer benefits while lowering cost or increasing quantum of services. CFWC realized that total quality essentially involves attention to process, commitment to the customer, involvement of employees, and bench marking of best practices.
'CFWC' at the transition period:
The marketing concept became the prevalent business philosophy with its assertion that all activities and functions of the organization should be directed toward identifying and satisfying the wants and needs of the clients. ‘CFWC’ formed a marketing research department to analyze clients’ desires before launching the services. This approach represented a marked contrast to the earlier philosophy of formulating the services and then trying to introduce them to the clients.
CFWC instituted distinctive awareness campaigns on high living standards and sophisticated lifestyles to its prospective clients. The awareness programs were later expanded into brochures. Advertising reached even longer number of prospective clients and increased the efficiency of the organization’s promotional efforts.
The management wanted everything about a client’s experience at CFWC to be top-notch. Towards that goal, they instituted extensive training for CFWC’s employees along with an unparalleled benefits package to attract and keep high-quality, loyal and hardworking employees.
'CFWC' at its current glorious position:
CFWC is synonymous with quality service and customer satisfaction to its 20,000 and more clients as on 31st March 2013 internationally. Headquarters in Cochin and operating from Fourteen branches throughout Kerala and one at Bangalore, CFWC’s commitment to building and maintaining strong customer relations has resulted in its position as Kerala’s oldest and largest establishment in online and offline matrimonial services. Over the years, CFWC has maintained an edge over actual and potential competitors through two main strengths: the quality of the services attuned to customer needs and the expertise and attitude of the employees.
The cornerstone of CFWC is its ability to build and maintain relationships based on a solid foundation of trust. Since its founding in 1996, CFWC’s central focus has been on continually evaluating and improving customer service in every department. Many of our clients have had a long-time relationship with us which has been an important source of new business through referrals. In addition, CFWC has improved its service to current clients and added new ones by expanding its services beyond merely maintaining a data bank of seekers of life partners.
CFWC has an extensive database of over 1,73,000 tentatively potential and prospective clients which is updated quarterly and is available for use by its clients. Furthermore, CFWC provides specialized services for its clients such as Chavara Family News and Photo Directory, Chavara Family Meet, Chavara Pre and post Marital counseling, Customer service help line – a full range of spiritual and emotional alternatives to meet their unique needs and objectives.
The foundation of a mutually satisfactory customer relation with each employee in every department of CFWC. CFWC’s competitive advantage results from a combination of size, the personalized attention it provides for each client and the comprehensive services each executive is able to offer its clients. Instead of simply selling services CFWC views itself as a part of long term comprehensive relationship in which it can offer the appropriate combination of services needed by its clients. Given the number of years most CFWC’s clients have been the source for further CFWC- CLIENTS, this relationship is continuing to meet their needs.
'CFWC' in the near future :
CFWC now emphasizes the Total Quality Management- a commitment to quality as a crucial business goal for an entire organization which is vital to develop high-quality services in order to attract new clients as well as to maintain quality over the long term.
The combination of vision, managerial talents and perseverance are the key ingredients that steers CFWC ahead to achieve the mission of Saint Cyriac Elias Chavara.
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