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Testimonials by Blessed Couples

Jison and Merin Says

I have found the one who is my Soul. Our hearts are filled with joy & gratitude because you brought smile and shine to our hearts. Our sincere appreciation for your support and generosity to unite us. Wishing Chavara Matrimony all the success in uniting many other soul mates like us. May God bless you Abundantly.

Albin and Ashin Says

Thanks for partaking in Gods will. We value your great customer support team and user friendly website. Really appreciable and offer word of mouth marketing. We wish you all the success in uniting many other soul mates like us. Regards from Albin and Ashin

Jinto and Suja Says

We both families are very thankful to the whole Chavara Matrimony team for uniting us together. Marriages are made in heaven and Chavara Mmatrimony became the best platform for helping us to find someone special. Once again thank you ChavaraMatrimony team. Keep going ...

George and Amrutha Says

Thank you so much Chavara to help us in finding our soulmate.

Schmid and Anakha Says

We thank team Chavara Matrimony.com for your Service. Especially for the amazing website & Excellent Customer Service I have received. Although God had already decided our Marriage even before we came to earth,it is Chavara Matrimony.com helped us to meet each other. Our thanks & Prayers to each and Everyone in Chavara Matrimony.com. It can never ever be described in words.

Fenil and Anjali Says

We thank Chavara matrimony to find each other and binding us together in Gods love.

Ashwin and Betsy Says

You cannot foretell who will marry whom however Its so true that God has already made pairs in heaven, challenge is to find that soulmate of yours here in earth. You guys made it so simple for us in finding each other, no matter how much distance apart we lived. Big Thanks Chavara for making it happen.

Sino and Vesly Says

Love doesn't make the world go round,love is what makes the ride worthwhile.It has sealed the bond forever. Thanks to almighty and Chavara matrimony to help us in taking the right decision at the right time as we found our soul mate.

Dibin and Della Says

I found her through this chavara matrimony website. Our parents fixed the marriage and at last we joined together on 22.10.2017.

Jose and Jinita Says

Thanks to Chavara Matromony for helping us to get united

Antony and Jismol Says

Thanks for your excellent services. We express our sincere thanks to chavaramatrimony.com for being an instrumental in finding our son's/daughter’s life partner. Thank you very much.

Jino and Jain Says

We are verymuch grateful and obliged for the excellent services rendered by your esteemed institution.

Akash and Steffy Says

Though it took almost one year to find a bride of our choice we got a perfect match fulfilling all our requirements. As per our experience Chavara is the only choice for Christian especially Syro Malabar Matches. Thanks to Charavara Mtrimony.

Daril and Riny Says

With profound gratitude we appreciate the whole team of chavara matrimony for binding us together. Thank you..God bless.

Anil and Annly Says

Thankyou chavara matrimony for helping us find each other

Sebin and Nice Says

We are very grateful to Chavaramatrimony for being an instrumental in uniting our families. Thanks a lot for your valuable service and our best wishes to team Chavara.