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Antony and Merin

Alphons and Roy

Lukose and Evelin

Anoop and Sanisha

Sajith and Anju

Jeril and Ancy

Anith and Likhitha

Libin and Tany

Jaison and Shwetha

Jerin and Nithya

Linjo and Francina

Ragin and Amrutha

Joju and Theres

Prashant and Sona

Nabeel and Febina

Mathews and Ashmi

Pious and Cicily

Jovan and Reeba

Pradeep and Reenu

Ebin and Anu

Libin and Hany

Tijil and Ginu

Antony and Anju

Sanil and Rose

Timson and Renju

Tony and Tina

Jinto and Athira

Renish and Anjali

Martin and Deepa

Alwin and Delcet

Rojo and Rosemol

Jose and AnnMaria

Ridson and Anu

Benit and Lijo

Arun and Tania

Shinto and Navya

Nijo and Neethu

Chanchal and Chinu

Ron and Honey

Allen and Elizabeth

Noufal and Ansha

Jayesh and Bincy

Sanu and Sharon

Nigil and Teena

Jilkush and Ashly

Rens and Ann

Alex and Tessy

Jomish and Limcy

Niju and Sheethal

Navaf and Afflah

Monson and Shana

Rojer and Siji

Melvin and Femy

Ajin and Anila

Santhosh and Honey

Dinal and Blessy

James and Shillu

Joseph and Remya

Alex and Sani

Devan and Sheenu

Tinu and Neenu

Tobin and Lissa

Anto and Catherine

Reuben and Harsha

Boby and Julin

Nithin and Oshin

Rince and Reen

Paul and Anju

Sajith and Nimi

Max and Minu

Robin and Nivya

Dilmon and Anurani

Sijo and Tisha

Jose and Jincy

Alwin and Alphy

Jerin and Stemy

Arun and Raina

Labeeb and Shahna

Saj and Rosebell

Jobin and Julia

Jithu and Merry

Bijesh and Olivia

Alen and Lintu

Peter and Salini

Nevil and Neethu

Jacob and Sherin

Roffin and Nimisha

Midhun and Rinu

Arun and Amalu

Sipin and Jini

Libin and Deepthi

Alen and Nikky

Bonifus and Jinu

Ginto and Minu

Binesh and Livya

Jerun and Steffi

Jomin and Varsha

Sharon and Ashlin

Alex and Sheethel

Savio and Thushara

Ajith and Sruthy

Sandeep and Drisya

Macarious and Anitta

Lipson and Rincy

Jomy and Nimitha