To upload your photos, click on the ''Choose File” button, select the photos you wish to publish from your PC and click “Upload” button. After opening photo, crop the area you wish to insert and click the 'Save Cropped Photo' button.
Photo Tips – Upload a better photo
  • Try uploading photo which focuses your face, preferably taken at a photo studio.
  • Upload clear photos which increase the possibility of receiving more responses.
  • If you cannot view your latest uploaded photo then try to clear your cookies, temporary files and refresh the page.
  • Once you upload your photos, it will go through a manual screening process to verify that it is in acceptable format. After the process is successfully completed, your photo will be visible to others. Until then, it will be classified as "Validation Pending".
  • If your photo is not in GIF/JPG/BMP format or if the image size is more than 5 MB, email your photos to [email protected] or Whatsapp Number 99957 77037 with mentioning your user ID.
  • Add your family or group photo separately to Family Photo section .
  • Your Profile photo should be a close-up of your face. Avoid full size photographs/with sun glass as Profile photo.
Photo Guidelines – Do’s and don'ts
  • Do not upload a photo which shows only a side of your face, or where your face is only partly visible
  • Do not send watermarked, digitally enhanced or morphed photographs for uploading
  • Do not mention your contact information in the photograph in any way
  • Do not upload photograph which shows you with a cigarette / cigar / Liquor
  • Photograph which does not match with the age specified in the profile will not be uploaded
  • Do not upload photos in a particular uniform if you are not into that profession. e.g civilians should not send photos in army uniform.
  • Please ensure that none of your photos are obscene or irrelevant. If such is the case, we may deactivate your membership
  • Optimum dimensions for your photos: Profile Photo- 400 x 486 pixels. Album Photos – 4 x 6 inches proportion, family photo – free size
  • If you email us the photos, clearly indicate your Profile photo, Album photos and family photos.
  • Once you upload your photos, they will be screened and validated. This process generally take 12 working hours.