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Chavara Matrimony,Kerala Christian Matrimony site
World's No.1 Christian Matrimonial
Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara
“A True Christian Family Resembles the Heavenly Abode” St. Chavara
What people are saying about ChavaraMatrimony.com
Testimonials are statements made by our members to demonstrate satisfaction of our matrimonial service.
Antony, Babitha Says:
02 Oct 2016
We express our sincere gratitude to chavara matrimony. Thank you so much for your excellent service and all the very best.
Antony, Babitha(CALP55040, CEKM55065 )
Rinson, Nimisha Says:
29 Sep 2016
It was divine destiny that brought us together and Love has sealed the Bond forever. The knot has been tied with the sacred promise, for a lifetime of affection and happiness...! Special thanks to Chavara Matrimony team for the role played in uniting us in Holy Matrimony.
Rinson, Nimisha(CAGY55485, CEKM56254 )
Roy, Roopa Says:
27 Sep 2016
Roy, Roopa(CTVM25231, CEKM56355 )
Dilu, Ann Says:
26 Sep 2016
We are satisfied with your service.We express our profound gratitude to chavaramatrimony.com for being an instrument in finding the perfect soul mate, that is made for each other indeed.
Dilu, Ann(CKTM55004, CPLA75111 )
Dilshad, Zona Says:
24 Sep 2016
Thanks to Chavara Matrimony for bringing us together..We both were in different countries, different states, different backgrounds...but we never thought that a beautiful website called Chavara Matrimony will bring us together, you are the way from God through which we connected with each other even though we are in different country...thanks a lot once again ....keep it up.....hats off to you.... Thanks Dilshad and Zona
Dilshad, Zona(CTCR70831, CTCR55736 )
Jonas, Reena Says:
20 Sep 2016
My heartfelt thanks to Chavara Matrimony for giving a perfect bride for my son.
Jonas, Reena(CEKM75402, CTVM55074 )
Shejin, Shwetha Says:
12 Sep 2016
We thank God almighty for bringing us together through the hands of Chavara. God bless the whole Chavara Matrimony team abundantly.
Shejin, Shwetha (CKNR55266, CWYD75161 )
Mathews, Rosmin Says:
05 Sep 2016
The services provided by ChavaraMatrimony.com is excellent. We were destined to be united in love, but it was ChavaraMatrimony.com made us meet at the right time. Thank you so much Chavara Matrimony.com for your great support and service.
Mathews, Rosmin(CPLA75673, CPLA75260 )
Dominic, Neethu Says:
03 Sep 2016
Thanks to God. We both are very happy and satisfied with all things and this happened only because of Chavara Matrimony.com
Dominic, Neethu(CTPA75121, CTCR76245 )
Chackochan, Sandra Says:
31 Aug 2016
We were destined to be united in love, but it was you made us meet at the right moment.We take this opportunity to place on record our sincere gratitude to Chavara Matrimony for joining us together.
Chackochan, Sandra(CKPY55191, CPLA75488 )
Demel, Aleen Says:
29 Aug 2016
Thank you Chavara matrimony for the excellent service that was provided. We both are extremely grateful and wish all the new registrants the very best.
Demel, Aleen (CCHY55095, CCKY55162 )
Sinto, Mighty Says:
23 Aug 2016
God is great! Wondrous are His ways. Finding each other is the best thing happened to us and we regard this as the biggest blessings from God. This wouldn't have been possible without your sincere services.Both the families express heartfelt gratitude to Chavara Matrimony.Thanks a ton!!
Sinto, Mighty(CBGR75152, CBGR75182 )
Jose, Rose Says:
15 Aug 2016
Thank you so much for being a source in helping us find each other. Thank you for the smiles we had and yet to have in many more years by Gods grace.
Jose, Rose(CKTM55184, CEKM71125 )
Sony, Anit Says:
10 Aug 2016
We express our sincere sratitude to ChavaraMatrimony for the excellent service.I find my soulmate through Chavara and I wish many couples can find their partner through this site, Once again thankyou....
Sony, Anit (CPLA55428, CKTM25068 )
Thomas, Jipsa Says:
28 Jul 2016
Thanks Chavara Matrimony for uniting us. ChavaraMatrimony.com is an excellent source for finding out suitable matches of all branches of christian community.
Thomas, Jipsa (CEKM75069 , CKNR55188 )
Kiran, Nixy Says:
12 Jul 2016
I wouldn't have found my other half if it weren't for your services. Thanks chavaramatrimony.com .You have provided the tailor-fit matching results which helped me in meeting my angel. Thanks a ton!!!.
Kiran, Nixy(CEKM25379, CEKM75707 )
Geo, Lissy Says:
10 Jul 2016
God is great; wondrous are His ways. Finding each other is the best thing that happened to us and we both regard our marriage as the biggest blessing we received from God. We can never thank Chavara Matrimony enough for making all this possible. Both our families express heartfelt gratitude to Chavara Matrimony for being instrumental in bringing us together. We recommend Chavara to all those who seek their better half. Wishing you many more years in celebrating love. In Christ, our Lord, Geo & Lissy
Geo, Lissy (CEKM75867, CEKM55390 )
Sebin, Ancy Says:
10 Jul 2016
We would like to thank you for helping us in finding the soulmate in one another, we both are very happy and satisfied.We heartily thank God and the whole team of chavara matrimony in uniting both the families.
Sebin, Ancy(CAGY55387, CAGY75488 )
Fyjo , Neema Says:
09 Jul 2016
You will know when you meet the right person because its not how you feel about that person but its how they make feel about yourself. Thank you Chavara Matrimony for helping us to find each other.Wish you all success..
Fyjo , Neema (CIJK75074 , CTCR25031 )
Jeevan, Aiswarya Says:
05 Jul 2016
We are happy and thankful to Chavara matrimony for helping us find each other. Your effort is wholeheartedly appreciated. Keep up your good and relentless service. Thank you once again !!
Jeevan, Aiswarya (CIJK52347, CEKM53489 )
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